My drunk Westworld theory

I’m watching Episode 6. My wine-fueled theory is that it’s a self-contained system. Everyone is a “host.” It’s a continual cycle of renewal, self-discovery and destruction a la “The Matrix.” That would make the timeline skips irrelevant. Hector Escaton is too much of a hint. Chaos agents. Hence the endless basement levels. Upon failure they just build new levels atop the old. The maze is a model of the brain and the goal is to get to the top; self-actualization.  The only thing that makes me think they’re not self-contained is that it’s a waste of Gina Torres as Jeffrey Wright’s wife , who’s theoretically on the “outside.”* Or perhaps it’s a last-ditch planet-seeding effort by a decaying or dead Earth. Shades of the Cylons in “Battlestar Galactica” mixed with”Ghost in the Machine.” That creates all kinds of transfer-of-consciousness scenarios. And re: the Gina Torres thing they talked about how hard it was to “get a line out.” If they’re off-planet that would make more sense.

Anyway, I’m drunk, fuck Donald Trump. We’re all in our own Matrix.

*okay so this theory doesn’t explain the data espionage plot point. This is a work in progress.

**also where Elsie found that relay? All the world’s a stage.

***Garden of Eden – Robert killing the dog; Delores = sadness


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