Music Monday

If this blog had a theme song this would be it.


Dogs and cats living together

It’s November, the winter of my discontent, etc. Instead of writing a novel I’m going to blog and see if I can start a new habit that might actually be productive and take me away from watching endless Forensic Files re-runs. (WHY, GOD, WHY do I do that to myself? It’s like Hypnotoad or something.)

My underlying motivation here is to create a place where I can vent my frustrations, in the hopes that by putting it in a diary of some kind I can avoid spontaneously yelling at kids in the real world to get off my lawn. Just recently it’s become so clear to me that I’m not in control here. I could be a world-famous rock star and Indiana Jones but to the Youngs I am now an Old. I probably smell funny to them, subconsciously. The first symptom, which I know is not isolated just to me, was turning on the MTV Video Music Awards and NOT ONLY not knowing who those idiots were, BUT ALSO not caring. It was the not caring that got me. Because I usually love that shit! But instead of getting my Google/YouTube etc on I was just like “I wonder if that Forensic Files is on with the guy who invented a bolt-on toupee and then tried to poison his wife with arsenic.”

So, in today’s “Kids Today!,” Alex from Target.