One more day

I’ve cycled through probably every emotion during this campaign, and have come to settle on terrified. Honestly, I’m just scared. One line from this song keeps sticking with me – “I’m frightened by those who don’t see it.”


I’ve given up social media except for Instagram. Thank God for puppies, kitties and landscapes. Here’s a few accounts that give me that “Calgon, take me away” high:

@barkbox – makes me laugh out loud #literallythatsme

@corgnelius – Corgis and the best hashtags

@harlowandsage– why can’t my dogs get along like these guys? Plus Harlow the Weimaraner gives the best face.

@21stcenturyyokel  – home base for mysadcat and his cat compatriots, plus gorgeous views of the English countryside and the animals wandering about. I want to go to there. Also psychedelic folk music, vintage vinyl and books. It’s got everything.

@flora.forager – art made from nature. So, so pretty.


Talking myself down

I’m still irked about my little Facebook fracas. It’s hanging in the back of my mind until I find that perfect retort. That thing I should’ve said. The way-homer. I’ve been comforting myself by retweeting all the things that I think help prove my point (shouting into the void). If I ever run into those guys again I will have an hour-long multimedia PowerPoint presentation ready about the fallacy of their position. I’m convinced that at the rotten heart of all the weird anti-Hillary hysteria is a kernel of misogyny that even its own proponents can’t recognize. (I’ve based this theory on current events plus watching my own Dad since the Bill Clinton era.) There’s an utter lack of logic behind it that I cannot comprehend.

But I’m fascinated by why I’m so irked. What’s going on with us that we’re so divided? It’s like we’re infected with something. Because I know that in the Underside they would have the equal but opposite reactions to my points. Equally disturbed and unable to comprehend why I’d vote for Hillary.

I keep thinking “Carville and Matalin have been married for how many years?” and I’m going to re-read this book – “The Righteous Mind,” by Jonathan Haidt – which I found really helpful in trying to understand others and when arguing with my father.