Sober Westworld theorizing

So much for drunk brilliance. I’m not sure what to say about this week’s episode other than the story seems both bigger and smaller than I thought. Corporate espionage and employment shakeups are not the world-building Matrix mindfucks I was anticipating. And the idea of all this as an “ownership” struggle between Ford and the corporate overlords doesn’t excite me too much. But it’s got to be deeper than that. What was that whole “board presentation” dog and pony show about? That’s some kind of misdirection. Maybe Delos wants to bring AI out of the park and Ford wants to keep his toys to himself? That seems sort of meh as a plot device. Or development of a Ghost-in-the-Shell type ability to transfer consciousness from body to body? Ford is an old man; he knows he can’t live forever. Or maybe he can? Where’s Elsie? And who’s human, and who’s not?

This article points out some Bernard actions and story that may look different in hindsight. And discusses the multiple-timeline theory.

Vanity Fair – Unsettling Questions


More pit of despair

So I’ve already been laughed at for being so upset at this election. No one wants to cry at work; it’s so unprofessional. Which just adds to the spiral.

I’ve got so many questions, and I don’t know that I’ll ever find an answer that satisfies. Maybe it’s a repudiation of identity politics? I know I’ve fallen into that trap. Hillary has her faults and has operated under a black cloud of suspicion since she declared she wasn’t going to stay at home and bake cookies. There’s an entire Clinton-hate industry, and despite all their accusations they’ve never made anything stick. Contrast that with a candidate who has been found wanting, all his faults exposed to bright sunshine and confirmed, the worst of which make me sick to my stomach. A person with the temperament of a spoiled toddler and the rhetorical skills of a third-grade safety patrol captain. And no experience governing. I’m scared for all of us.

My drunk Westworld theory

I’m watching Episode 6. My wine-fueled theory is that it’s a self-contained system. Everyone is a “host.” It’s a continual cycle of renewal, self-discovery and destruction a la “The Matrix.” That would make the timeline skips irrelevant. Hector Escaton is too much of a hint. Chaos agents. Hence the endless basement levels. Upon failure they just build new levels atop the old. The maze is a model of the brain and the goal is to get to the top; self-actualization.  The only thing that makes me think they’re not self-contained is that it’s a waste of Gina Torres as Jeffrey Wright’s wife , who’s theoretically on the “outside.”* Or perhaps it’s a last-ditch planet-seeding effort by a decaying or dead Earth. Shades of the Cylons in “Battlestar Galactica” mixed with”Ghost in the Machine.” That creates all kinds of transfer-of-consciousness scenarios. And re: the Gina Torres thing they talked about how hard it was to “get a line out.” If they’re off-planet that would make more sense.

Anyway, I’m drunk, fuck Donald Trump. We’re all in our own Matrix.

*okay so this theory doesn’t explain the data espionage plot point. This is a work in progress.

**also where Elsie found that relay? All the world’s a stage.

***Garden of Eden – Robert killing the dog; Delores = sadness

I am lost

This sucks and I don’t know what to do. I had been thinking “how do I flee if Trump wins?” kind of as a fun thought experiment but now it may be real. Really, nothing is keeping me here other than a dog who gets carsick after about fifteen minutes of driving. I could just sell/donate it all and run.  You got what you wanted, it’s all yours. Burn it all down.

One more day

I’ve cycled through probably every emotion during this campaign, and have come to settle on terrified. Honestly, I’m just scared. One line from this song keeps sticking with me – “I’m frightened by those who don’t see it.”


I’ve given up social media except for Instagram. Thank God for puppies, kitties and landscapes. Here’s a few accounts that give me that “Calgon, take me away” high:

@barkbox – makes me laugh out loud #literallythatsme

@corgnelius – Corgis and the best hashtags

@harlowandsage– why can’t my dogs get along like these guys? Plus Harlow the Weimaraner gives the best face.

@21stcenturyyokel  – home base for mysadcat and his cat compatriots, plus gorgeous views of the English countryside and the animals wandering about. I want to go to there. Also psychedelic folk music, vintage vinyl and books. It’s got everything.

@flora.forager – art made from nature. So, so pretty.