More pit of despair

So I’ve already been laughed at for being so upset at this election. No one wants to cry at work; it’s so unprofessional. Which just adds to the spiral.

I’ve got so many questions, and I don’t know that I’ll ever find an answer that satisfies. Maybe it’s a repudiation of identity politics? I know I’ve fallen into that trap. Hillary has her faults and has operated under a black cloud of suspicion since she declared she wasn’t going to stay at home and bake cookies. There’s an entire Clinton-hate industry, and despite all their accusations they’ve never made anything stick. Contrast that with a candidate who has been found wanting, all his faults exposed to bright sunshine and confirmed, the worst of which make me sick to my stomach. A person with the temperament of a spoiled toddler and the rhetorical skills of a third-grade safety patrol captain. And no experience governing. I’m scared for all of us.


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