Hot time Saturday night

How did I spend this gorgeous Saturday, under the light of the full moon? I did my taxes, went to the mall, bought three new sweaters for one of my dogs, and went to Target for toilet paper and a loaf of bread. Then I had a ham sandwich. Friday night I fell asleep on the couch after eating a dinner of cereal out of the box (although I did watch Westworld, which I’m getting into). Adulting can be super lame sometimes. But there’s no shame in a good sandwich. As my spirit animal Liz Lemon said, “I believe that all anyone really wants in this life is to sit in peace and eat a sandwich.”

I made a run out to the mall because I saw on the internet this morning that my most recent favorite lipstick (kind of a lip balm/lipstick hybrid) had been marked down.


Sephora Collection Mara Hoffman lip tint

I readily admit to having a love affair with Sephora. I don’t know whether to be proud or embarrassed when the staff recognizes me there. Anyway I love this stuff. Really emollient and moisturizing but not so much color that I can’t just reapply on the go throughout the day. No mirror needed. I bought some backups for me and a couple for gifts. I think I read about it initially on Temptalia or Musings of a Muse, both of which I follow to feed my habit.  Treat yo self.